2018 – The year of learning my limits

I was going to do ’18 things I’ve learnt in 2018′ but I will struggle to clamber enough together – also, is anyone going to make it past the seventh? Probably not.

So, here are some things I’ve learnt in 2018:

If you try a food you’ve always ‘not liked’, chances are you do like it. Turns out halloumi is delicious. I ate it once I’d had a few gins and felt confident, come next Christmas I’m going to be dipping bread into a Camembert angry that I refused to try it for so long.

Eating bad and not doing exercise catches up with you and feels sh*t. Go to the gym, it’s actually quite enjoyable. But don’t do circuits, that’s like dousing yourself in petrol and seeing how close you can get to a bonfire. Hot and painful throughout and then a big ball of flames after.

You also can’t drink how you used to. Know your limits. Don’t meet people after they’ve been out a while and try catch up with 7 double g&ts. Not worth it. Sunday won’t thank you. When you don’t go out near as much as you did when you were 20, boy things change.

Watch The Greatest Showman. Don’t ignore the people who say it’s amazing and laugh at the fact they enjoyed it. Trust me. It’s a visual sensation. It really is the greatest show.

Don’t wear a relatively cheap pair of 5-inch Misguided heels on your wedding day that you ordered the same week and didn’t try on. You’ll last the ceremony (in great pain) and then you’ll put on your pink sliders for the rest of the afternoon which don’t make for a great picture.

Giving gifts is way better than getting. I think this Christmas is probably the least selfish I’ve felt. I would 100% buy everyone something, knowing only 3 people will get me something back. I’m just holding out that since I’ve not asked for anything, it means I’ve got a corker waiting under that tree.

Take photos. I’ve always hated having my photo taken. Most between the age of 16-23 have been people forcing me, or me hiding my face. I’ve made a conscious effort the last year and a half to take more. Also find a best friend who has the opposite good side to you. This is one thing you will always fight over otherwise (unless it’s your wedding day and they have no option).

So once I got into the swing of this, I probably could have kept going and made it to 18. I’ve made a conscious effort now to stop. Coincidentally, I stopped at the seventh. It’s like I knew. Who does anything after the seventh anyway? God rested, and so shall I.

Have a glorious Christmas. Don’t buy heels from cheap online websites for New Years and drink carefully (but heavily) on the hours leading up to it. Nobody wants to be sat outside Burger King with their head in a bucket when the clock strikes 12.

M x

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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