2020 what an absolute pile

7 weeks into 2020 and it sucks so far.

First there was Brexit and Corona Virus and then poor Kobe died.

Now the news that Caroline Flack has killed herself. She was young, beautiful, talented, wealthy and famous.

Being famous was her biggest problem. Her every move criticised, what she wore, how she looked and who she dated. How horrible not to be able to do anything without being watched and for everyone to have an opinion on your life. And to have everything dragged through the tabloid press, the price of being famous. So very sad.

We are all human beings, we all deserve respect, love and kindness. The bullying has to stop, enough is enough. Why kick someone who is already down, who has reached their lowest point, until they have no where to go?

Who cares if Philip Schofield is gay and if Harry and Megan want to step back from their Royal Duties? Surely that’s their business not ours.

What right does anyone have to say how you live your life and who and how you love?

Having a public image shouldn’t mean that your life can be dissected and ripped apart by the media. Don’t buy into the tabloids and trolls.

Be kind people, love your fellow humans.


Veronica Winter

Health & Wellness Consultant

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