3 strikes and you’re out

How many  chances do you give someone before you decide that enough is enough?

You know what I mean, the candidate is a no show again. Even after you have confirmed the day before and on the morning of the interview. When called they say that they are on their way and still they don’t arrive.

Then after going ghost for a week, they apply for another one of your jobs and worst still this is not the first time this has happened. How many chances do you give them?

Bin them off should be the answer. Once a let down always a let down. A leopard doesn’t change its spots . Or as Lisa would say “always a bad ‘un, they’ll get wrong from me”

Three strikes I think, then they are out and off the database!

At the last agency I worked at we had a candidate who when she rang her name would come up with “Do Not pick up” as her surname. They’d had enough of being messed around all the time and had decided that she wasn’t worth the effort.  I really like the girl and I’m trying to find her a job. She’s interviewing with clients and doing really well. I never give up on people, deep down there is good in all of us (except my old Boss, no good in him at all)

I swerved the car the other day on the way to work to avoid a pheasant and as Lisa says “you daft cow we could’ve ended up in a ditch” but for me I’d rather save the pheasant and risk a dent in my car rather than kill anything.

We work on a farm and the owner has lots of cats, some are Sphinx, the hairless ones. One of them always comes to our office meowing to be let in. Dan calls it the inside out cat and refuses to let it in. All I want to do is pick it up and wrap it up in a blanket to keep it warm, feed it tuna and give it a cuddle.

I have another candidate who constantly applies for jobs and I get to interview stage and then she just blanks me? Suppose that’s working in recruitment for you, nothing ever surprises me anymore.

But I’m so guilty of always giving everyone another chance. I see the good in everyone and always believe that in life there is always a place in this world for everyone.

And I do love an underdog me and I enjoy the challenge of finding a job for candidates who others have written off. Even the flakes.

Have a good week folks.



Veronica Winter

Health & Wellness Consultant

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