A Pretty Pointless Post

I’ve only been in this team for 2 weeks, but I can already tell that we all love our food. We are a snacky bunch and we all have our own favorites. Photos of our dinners are even sent in our group chat!

Veronica loves her grenade bars and nuts

Dan loves his orange twirls, meat and potatoes (not together)

I have seen Adam eat enough tuna to kill one (may not be his favorite, but as a guess, he at least likes the stuff!)

Mollie is a fan of pink KitKats, but hates stir fry’s and noodles

and Will is a man who lives and breathes curry

I know I have a couple, but it was confirmed this week in the office that one of mine cannot be unseen.

Now, I don’t think this is a weird one. But to be fair to the office, looking over and to find me sat in front of my desk – unsheathed banana in one hand, peanut butter in another – may be a bit odd. But I know I am not the only one to eat a banana with peanut butter! But I may be the only one to eat it in an office.

After I managed to finish my relatively healthy, yet distracting snack, Adam told me about Elvis’s favorite sandwich.

A deep-fried banana, peanut butter sandwich. That sounds like the most sickly, greasy thing in the world.

But after I thought about it for longer, I remember other combinations I have seen people eat! McDonald’s Fries with chocolate milkshake, salted crisps with orange juice, peanut butter and jam on a beef burger (yes this is a thing called ‘The Elvis’ and no, I haven’t had it – https://anniesburgershack.com/menu/main-menu).

I think, what I’m trying to say is, its 2.30am in the morning. I can’t sleep because I have a cold and I’m really hungry thinking way too much about food.

Am I exhausted and delirious – maybe.

Is that why I am writing this blog post – hell yes.

Am I currently eating my favourite snack – yes.

That is all.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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