Addicted to Acceptance

Acceptance is addictive and in my opinion a lot of us are addicts. This may have always been true, but instant gratification on social media platforms means getting our acceptance fix is easier than ever.

If you think about the stages of your life there are many moments where you wanted to be accepted. Becoming part of a friendship group, being picked for a sports team for the first time, or being made a job offer, are all notable examples. Now there are levels to this and some moments of acceptance are more profound than others. The lower levels tend to come in the form of ‘likes’ from a comment or post you’ve put on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. At the opposite end of the spectrum you’ve got the big stuff; getting a ‘yes’ to a marriage proposal falls into this category, (probably…..for some).

No doubt there will be a scientific reason behind our need for acceptance. In my head, it’ll be something to do with an inherent biological need to feel secure and safe in our surroundings. If true there’s no need to feel guilty about wanting to feel accepted, after all should we go against the grain of nature just to try and be different? In my view no, as you will be fighting an unnecessary battle that will potentially lead to alienating yourself from a lot of great things in life.

This does come with a health warning though as the seemingly trivial subject matter of being addicted to acceptance can ultimately turn into an obsession, which can have very negative implications on your mental wellbeing.

So, while I’m not saying in any way that addiction is a good thing, it is fine to have somewhat of a desire to be accepted. Surely it’s preferable to being a lone wolf in the long run.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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