Alexa, tell me to do it myself

Nothing I used to love more than sitting on the sofa after a long day (also worked when laying in the bath, in the garden/sunshine or just the floor if I just cba) and scrolling aimlessly. Although if I think about it, did I love it, or did it just fill a boring Tuesday night void?

I think love is probably the wrong word. I didn’t love it, I’m not sure I really even care about what I see on there, but a portion of my day would be spent watching some ‘influencer’ post and push her affiliate links in my face – but hey, we all need to make a living.

Speaking of not going on the internet much, I was scrolling on the internet the other day and saw one of those twitter memes that tickled me. Something along the lines of ‘will someone write an article about how millennials are killing the doorbell by texting “here”’ and it stuck with me.

Life has become so centered around tech and simplifying tasks. Anything you do can be made easier and quicker.

We have an Alexa in the kitchen. Good for timers, turning on the light in the room before you walk in and not much else.

She’s helpful sometimes. To play Radio 4 when we’re out to give the dog some easy listening, or for my husband to ask her over and over what the smartest dog in the world is (he actually asks what the cleverest dog is, but he isn’t the sharpest tool in the box).

He doesn’t know it stores everything you say in the app on my phone, and my lord does he ask some stupid things. So yeah, it’s a Border Collie – he knows it is, she says it every time, but he will still ask every other day.

That or my self-obsessed Border Collie asks Alexa it when we’re out as some kind of weird reassurance that she is in fact, the smartest dog in the world. Probably not though, don’t think she can speak – or she would regularly tell me to stop holding her face (a bit of force involved) next to mine and kissing it gently.

Anyway, I’m not really sure where this blog was going. Basically, I saw that tweet and thought ‘lol that’s me how sad’ and realised I can do so many more things myself.

I’ve recently managed to veer away from any kind of conversation which is too focused online (other than my gals back home on WhatsApp but that’s ok). This could be due to the fact I’ve made a real-life friend where I live now (see previous blogs for lack of social life where I’ve moved) and taken the series Line of Duty heavily under my wing.

You can get so caught up on things that don’t involve you or have any real impact on your life.

Again, not sure what the point of this was. Maybe just a little food for thought.


Alexa, that image is not a Border Collie


M x

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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