All I want for Christmas is…

At OX Seven we are in the thick of the Christmas buzz; we all had a very merry Christmas party, have indulged in doughnuts and free cheese and Secret Santa presents have been exchanged.

With the long, dark nights and the Christmas feel in the air, it is hard to stay motivated when it comes to job searching and it drops off lots of people’s agendas.

A lot of people will be taking it easy but utilise your time wisely and your next role could be just around the corner. For job seekers who are looking for a new job, be savvy and keep your spirits up. Put as much time and effort in to your job search as possible and this will set you apart from the extremely competitive market that will likely be seen in January.

Tip 1: Clean up your CV. This will make your job search so much easier, make sure your CV is reader-friendly and is relevant to the jobs you are applying for.

Tip 2: Take some time to send personal emails. Christmas is a busy period but it’s very quiet for job applications. Most people wait until the New Year and the cliched New Year, New me to search for a new job. Take the time over the festive period to introduce yourself to recruiters/companies that are employing. One email to the right person could land you your next job.

Tip 3: Separate the job hunt from Christmas festivities. If you are anything like me it is very easy to spend the festive period sat in front of the TV drinking hot chocolate watching Christmas films. But if you are job searching, plan your days as if you are in the office – start at a certain time, take regular breaks and finish at a designated time. Staying disciplined and being consistent will help to keep you motivated and staying proactive will mean that you enjoy the festivities even more.

Tip 4: Plan the New Year. Be ready to really take control of your job search in the New Year, develop a clear and concise plan of attack! Set goals, update your social media profiles and begin the year ready and raring to go!

Tip 5: Do not let it ruin your Christmas. Don’t let your job search get you down and cloud your enjoyment of a time that should be spent with family and friends. The best thing to do is plan your time, prepare your applications and try not stress – even applying for one good job a day is better than nothing!

Best of luck in your search, do not give you as you never know Santa may grant your wish and give you that dream job for Christmas.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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