An ode to those who understand

To confirm this is not an ode. But I liked how it sounded so we’re rolling with it.

So I’ve been thinking a lot recently. I know right… uh oh.

I guess as you get older, you naturally attract people who are similar to you. Those who understand why you are the way you are and accept it. Even if what you are is a bit of a twat.

When you’re younger it makes sense that the more friends you have the better. You will happily subject yourself to hours of hanging out with absolute berks for the sake of ‘popularity’.

You know what I haven’t got the patience for as I turn 26? Hanging out with berks.

I’ve met many a berk in my life. Some held on for too long, some I managed to shake pretty quickly, but there’s no place in my world for them.

I think I’m quite an independent person and I often prefer my own space, so I find that when I’m forced into social situations with people I haven’t got the patience for, it can feel ten times worse than it probably should.

My ‘real life’ gal pals are absolute dreams. I’m fortunate to have a few really close girls and a small circle of ones I don’t see that often, but we’ll always make time for each other.

I’ve moved away from my hometown twice now. Once to live in Australia for a while and once to where I live now. I’m going to be moving away from here soon because my life is a shamble, but having people understand you doesn’t half take the edge off.

Helen I’ve known since we started working together when I was 17. We are very different in a lot of ways (she’s the nicest person you’ll ever meet and I’m a bit of a salty bastard) but I love her more than anything. I’m trying to think of a time we’ve ever argued or fallen out. Don’t think it’s happened. Impressive, huh? Actually, one time I had to tell her off at work, but other than that I think we’re good.

Samantha since the day she moved to my town and started at school in year 5. Minus a few years where we both did that ‘get a boyfriend and drop off the face of the earth thing’, we’ve been best friends since – the gal has got me through a lot. Again, pretty sure we’ve never fallen out.

Laura I’ve only known about 8/9 months but to be fair to the gal, it feels like forever. It took me a while to break her down and make her be my friend but I usually get what I want. It’s a toxic trait I have, I just won’t stop until I reign supreme. The last year for me would have been very different if it wasn’t for her. Not had enough time to fall out. Yet.

They get me. They know most things about me (all things, really) and would only ever question something I was doing or how I was acting if they knew it wasn’t right or it was a bad idea. And much to your surprise I’m sure, I have a lot of bad ideas.

As much as I overthink almost every single aspect of my life to an entirely debilitating degree, I can also just jump into things pretty quickly without reeeeally thinking about it. They’d never tell me not to, but I can trust they’d question me if they thought they should.

Sure, I’ll probably do it anyway, but it’s nice to know someone cares.

Compared to a year ago my life is completely different. I imagine when I compare it to where I am this time next year, it’ll again be miles away. In an ideal world I’ll be rich but we’ll see. You can’t be uber cool, have long luscious locks and fall in to loads of money, can ya? So I’m not holding out much hope. But I do deserve it.

I’m also going to have a change of scenery in the next few months. Try the city and see if it’s entirely awful and come crawling back with my tail between my legs. Ha – kidding, I don’t have a tail.

Nice one Will for letting me keep my job. You da realest.

Want to do something new this year?

If the only thing holding you back is the fear of people not understanding, just remember the only people who won’t understand probably don’t matter, or at least they shouldn’t.

Those who want the best for you will just know. And if they know, then you know, you know?

Granted they might not understand because what you want to do is completely stupid and irrational, but hey, sometimes you gotta be a little stupid. Reckon that’s what the entire population of the UK thought when they voted Tory again last month.

Nice one, ya twits.

If there’s one thing this year you want to improve about yourself, may I recommend becoming a more understanding person. Of yourself, of those closest around you and those who you don’t know.

So just know that if you want to do something, the most important people will understand.

You go get it, girl. Or boy. Boys can get it too.

Note to self: must stop getting accused of being sexist on LinkedIn.

M x

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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