Another week in paradise

So the novelty of this has most definitely now worn off. The kids are bored. The Mrs is fed up of tidying up for the 437th time of the day. I’m fed up of not having a weekly buffet put on for us.

The absolute miserable weather has most definitely been a contributing factor to the grey mood in the household – I just hope we have a nice weekend we can spend in the garden – that is a lot easier not to tidy up (even though our peeper neighbours give disapproving looks through their blinds at the plastic crap strewn around our garden).

Alas, on to work. I’ve really been trying to think about ways to keep everyone engaged and in contact whilst we’re all in different places and some furloughed. It is a genuine concern and worry of mine that the cohesive and close unit we have built over the past 2 years will drift apart like long-distance lovers inevitably always do. We had a quiz on Wednesday which was won by Mollie on a tie-breaker with Adam. Everyone is much more intelligent than I initially thought and I’m really surprised more of them haven’t got proper jobs.

I’ve offered to pay for a learning course for each person whilst they’re furloughed (the first month is free so the joke is on them – I’m not that generous mwahahaha) to try and keep the brain sharp and to hopefully bring back some new and refined knowledge to the table when this is all over.

We took more jobs on this week, which is absolutely amazing – so if you’re in the market for a new job, check out our jobs page! Dom is doing a stoic job at servicing some fantastic clients, who have a very progressive approach to overcoming the problems we naturally face at this time.

In other news, I attempted to cut my own hair yesterday. I actually used to do this on the reg when I was in my early 20’s. I used to think I did a pretty ok job until I discovered Mehmet at the Turkish barbers – then I realised how much of a plonker I had been looking for the past 3 years. I did learn a valuable lesson though – do not neglect what you can not see. This was a completely unintentional metaphor, but I absolutely butchered the back of my hair. In hindsight, I should have asked for help – but as previously mentioned I’m an alpha bloody male so I don’t need to help (just like doing one trip when carrying the shopping bags in). However, I just look like a terrible version of a Peaky Blinder – like Tommy Shelby’s fat cousin from the home counties.

Anyway, have fun this weekend – try to do something different, but stay home (unless you need to do an essential food shop) and be grateful to our amazing key workers!

Will Grashoff

Managing Director

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