Does music in the office increase productivity?

When I work, I personally love having music on. I guess this stems from when I was a kid. I used to sit down to do homework and not be able to concentrate. My mum and I worked out that background music allowed me to relax and focus on the homework (and reluctantly get it done).

I have read various books and studies which say scientists do say that hearing music spikes dopamine levels so it can give you a natural boost similar to food (and sex) so what’s not to love about that? We, at OX Seven have music on for the full day. Yes, other colleagues do have questionable music taste and I like dirty pop too much (Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, S Club any day of the week for me) but it is essential for me to get things done. I can even cope with the ridiculous amount of Kayne our MD (Will) puts on.

Do you play music in your office? Does it help you?

(Side note: read ‘This is your Brain on Music’ by Dr. Daniel Levitin – It will blow your mind).

Being the ‘newbie’ in the office.

Being new in the office must be the most alien feeling ever. It feels like your first day at school (not that I can even remember what I even had for lunch yesterday). The self-doubt, anxiety and ultimately feeling of uncertainty can become crippling to some (most certainly me) – all of that and you must remember to be friendly to your new colleagues. That mind-talk of ‘will they like me?’ creeps in. The first few weeks will always have teething problems. Having to sit in a room or work in the same building with strangers for 20-45 hours a week is a weird concept when you think about it anyways.


After the first month or so is out the way it will become more of a routine, more natural and hopefully enjoyable. People will warm to you and you will start to feel like part of the team (and furniture – not our horrible faux leather bar stools though). My advice is take time to learn what people like outside work (their hobbies, routines, eating habits – yes, eating habits) as well as how they like to work to give you a good chance of making this process smooth.

On reflection, it is so exciting to be out of your comfort zone and as I always say ‘communication makes the world go round‘ so talk to your new colleagues, communicate areas you need support in and most importantly be yourself. The rest will follow.