Black is my happy colour

What colour you wear says a lot about you.

Even if you have a wardrobe full of different coloured clothing, there will be one colour that is your go to colour. This is the colour you are most comfortable and most confident in and the one that reflects your character.

I wear black a lot and experts say that wearing black means that you are confident, powerful and success driven. I’ll take that.

Colour psychology is a thing and psychologist state that the colour black indicates power and prestige and that black clothes wearing people take themselves seriously and are ambitious and want respect from others. They are also driven but sensitive and perceived by others as reliable and trustworthy. All good there too : )

Black is also perceived as the most attractive colour. Good job I have a 80% black wardrobe then.

I will never struggle with having nothing to wear at a funeral or a Halloween party or a gig. Notice that most musicians wear black, especially rock bands and punk bands. What woman doesn’t have  a little black dress in her wardrobe? It is also flattering and can hide unwanted bumps and bulges.

The biggest downside is that I can never find what I want to wear as its just a sea of black. One day we lost one of our kittens, she was black and called Raven and was lost for hours. Eventually found a few hours later in the wardrobe even though we looked for her several times in there. We have two white dogs and three white cats, probably not the best idea really.

So what your favourite colour to wear says about you:

Blue – associated with trust, intelligence, integrity and tranquility. Ever wonder why so many of the people in uniform dress in blue? Police force for example, according to research  the colour blue subconsciously evokes feelings of comfort and security in most people, supposedly making it a good choice for people in a position of authority to wear. Also a good colour to wear to interviews as its good for communication and sends messages of confidence and reliability. Interesting as I’ve always worn black ; )

Green – shows a kinship with nature which creates a feeling of peace and contentment. People who wear green lead an active life, are financially stable and are caring and kind with  a soft heart.

Purple -in the past was only associated with royalty as it meant wealth and luxury. Cleopatra wore loads of it, only rich people could afford colourful clothing in those days. Nowadays its quite an arty colour and people who wear it are seen as sensitive and emotional, dreamy and passionate. As much as you might love it, DO NOT wear purple to an interview or a funeral or anywhere really except at a festival or a yoga class or unless you live in the Haight district of San Francisco.

Orange – for me the most auspicious of all colours as its worn by the Buddhist monks and has strong associations in yoga. My yoga mat is orange and I used to have a pair of orange yoga pants that I wore to pick my son from school once and he was so ashamed that he ran away from me and then shouted at me to never wear them again, he was only 7 at the time and clearly didn’t understand how cool it was to have a yoga teacher for a mum.  Wearing Orange means you are optimistic, energetic and cheerful.

Red – People who wear red are seen as passionate and powerful. Also seen as attention seeking, energetic and exciting.  On the flip side can be seen as self centered and easily excitable.

White – Symbolises freedom, purity and innocence. People who wear white are often seen as optimistic, neat, tidy and organized.

Pink – Flirty, warm and feminine. Romantic and worn by people who appreciate kindness and comfort. Soft pink is very calming and also seen as a powerful sedative which is why some prison walls are painted a soft shade of pink to reduce the levels of aggression.

“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you – don’t bother me.” ― Yohji Yamamoto

At Ox Seven we do wear a lot of black, me, Mollie and Meg especially. Lisa hasn’t come over to the dark side yet but she will. Will wears a lot of black and when my daughter first met him said he looked like the milk tray man lol! Black is said to be cool, sassy and stylish and we are a pretty cool and stylish company and sassy with it.



Veronica Winter

Health & Wellness Consultant

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