Building a team

Building a team can be a lengthy process, but when you get it right the time spent in qualifying your employees is definitely worth it.

At OX Seven we have been gradually increasing our head-count over the past few months with plans to expand on this further in the new year.  Along with my MD I’ve conducted numerous interviews for positions with us, which have proven to be extremely insightful and enjoyable in equal measure.  I love hearing about people’s exploits and stories, and what ultimately led them to want to become involved in recruitment.

Being a start-up we’ve been extremely selective about who we have brought on board.  Each existing member of OX Seven has been able to air their views about any suitable applicants, something we believe is vital for a conducive working environment and our future success.

It has become clear that everyone who has joined the business has been what is customarily known as the ‘right fit’.  Now this can mean different things to different people.  For some it may mean having all of the necessary skills and experience required for a role so that the chosen individual can slot straight in and hit the ground running with minimal guidance.  For us however it means somebody who shares our core values of positivity, integrity and honesty, yet is willing to challenge the status quo and bring a fresh perspective (also a wicked sense of humour really helps).

To help visualise this I tend to use the tried and tested analogy of building a house.  There are many different features and materials that are used in its construction but they all fit together to form a single solid foundation.

So ultimately I believe it’s about getting the right blend, and although the personalities in a group may vastly differ they must all share the same common goal – for the team to succeed.


Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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