Can we glorifying busy now?

I can’t count the times “sorry I’ve not got back to you, I’ve been so busy” has come out my mouth or has been typed on WhatsApp. I know full well either I just couldn’t be bothered, completely forgot or did – at the time – have something else to be doing. But that would have come to an end and I’d have had a break in which I could have easily given 20 seconds to reply.

Years ago, aspirations were focused towards those who lived a life of leisure. They dilly-dallied about and never seemed to be doing much, posting a picture of themselves with their takeaway Starbucks laying in the park. Now it’s photos of laptops in a coffee shop with “let’s do this” or another reference about how insanely busy their life is.

We glorify the negatives from working so hard. Why?

That’s not to say that we aren’t actually ever busy, stressed or burnt out at work. Sometimes things do pile up and you are overwhelmed with how much you have going on. But how do you find the time in your completely hectic day to pose, edit and post to Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter?

I am by no means saying I’m not guilty of this, but I’m also not sure there are many people in my network who could hold their hands up and say they’ve not tried to appear busier than they are to coddle to their own self-importance.

You post on LinkedIn about how incredibly full your schedule is because you think people will want some of the goods. If you’re so busy then you must be great. That’s how it goes, isn’t it? If someone is so absorbed by work this must mean they have so many clients and projects that you either don’t have or you will want to be a part of.

They must be doing something right. Half of your LinkedIn network are applauding those who are waking up at 4am and have done more in their first 3 hours before you’ve woken your sorry arse up, than you could ever get done in a day.

In reality, they haven’t. They didn’t post that until 2pm. Chances are they took the mirror gym selfie 2 weeks ago, they had 4 emails in their inbox when they woke up at 7am and got to the office for 8 with a drive-through coffee they had time to sit in a queue for.

It creates a butterfly effect and gets you nowhere. People start pushing themselves to be busier, to be stressed and to achieve more, so then all we’ve got is a fake masochistic ‘pusher’ and a load of miserable people who were fine with how much they were doing before – and they were probably happy.

Glorifying stress and being drained is irresponsible. Of course, there are some days/weeks when you’re feeling inundated with work and life, but you should be preaching the importance of time management, efficiency and prioritising.

We know you do sweet crud all sometimes because you’re a bit lazy. We all are. We just don’t want people to know.

M x


Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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