‘Can you help me out, please?’

I used to hate asking for help. I think it came from not wanting to inconvenience someone else for my own benefit.

Life can be challenging, and sometimes you really do need a helping hand.

If you’ve ever been to Mexico, you’ll understand how bloody hot it is. Mexico is nearly as hot (probably nowhere near, actually) as our offices on the day when it was 37 degrees in the UK. As I type that out, I still can’t believe it actually happened.

Anyway – Mexico is very, very hot.

I’m a recruiter, not a contortionist and there is absolutely no chance I can reach that little gap in the center of my back to put sun cream on, by myself.

Left arm over, right arm under, Nope. Round from the side with the back of my hand – nope. It’s just not possible. Unless you ask for help, you’re going to end up with one very burnt back, and nobody wants that.

There really is no shame asking for a hand.

I would previously rather massively struggle on my own, than accept defeat and ask someone to help – the more I think about it, the more ridiculous it seems but I’m sure there are people out there who will read this, and act in a very similar way.

It might sound crazy, but people actually get satisfaction from helping you (I know, absolutely mental right?).

My Nan is a prime example – she’s currently on her way to B&M to pick up a cutlery tray (thanks Nan – deserved shout out) but she loves helping in any way she can.

Ronnie, the office Mum is another great example who is always helping out.

‘Ronnie can I have a tea please?’

Veronica will make you more tea or coffee than you know what do with. I’m still confident she has shares in Tetleys and Nescafe. Everyone knows that a drink made for you always tastes 10x better than one you can make yourself.

You’re not an inconvenience – you’re just a human being. Probably wouldn’t advise going around asking strangers for money though.


Dominic Blossom

Digital & Creative Consultant

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