Can’t stand the heat, get out the kitchen

It’s 2019, the Kardashian empire is still growing and the most liked picture in the world is an egg.

We thought we’d have flying trainers, and everyone would have their own pinafore wearing robot assistant who bakes cakes in its oven stomach, but alas, I still make my own tea and my Nikes have nothing but a tick.

Why is the Kardashian empire growing at such a rate I hear you ask? Ah, I’m glad you did.

Social media. It’s a crazy world out there. They’ve used every aspect of social platforms to their advantage and pushed their brands further. This goes for micro influencers too, earning hundreds of thousands a year from the comfort of their bedroom because they know their audience and how to target them.

Why are so many business’ so reluctant to move on with the times, push relevant content and use the latest technology? You can see how many people you can reach from being out there in the ether, and it’s mostly free… What’s not to love?

We’re super lucky at OX Seven, we have taken almost everything anyone could possibly ever sell to us (not sure if that’s because Will is an easy target, or because we love to try new platforms which can potentially open new doors). Some last, others don’t. But we make a conscious effort to be up there with the first wave of people trialling new bits out.

Things aren’t as simple as they used to be. Nobody cares that you’ve recruited for 30 years if you’re completely unwilling to join the 21st century.

People will find themselves dropping off the radar and being replaced with forward thinking, constantly developing businesses. Ain’t nobody want that.

There’s some incredible software out there designed to aid you in the process, not make it difficult. You’d be a fool not to keep up.

A wise man once said, “The times they are a changin’”.

Keep up, and maybe get yourself a Momager.

M x


Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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