Cheers, Eve

My main problem is doing things I shouldn’t. The day Eve took that apple set us all up for a loss.

Not like really bad things, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t got a genocide bone in me. But like, if there are two options and one is kind of frowned upon (or just a bit pointless) … I’ll gravitate towards that one.

Luckily, I’m a very self-aware person so I do have the ability to choose logically when others are involved (or it’s work related), but where’s the fun in that?

Things which happen every day but shouldn’t:


Flying ants

Single use plastic

Emotional investment in Love Island

People pronouncing the word Espresso with an X, or ‘specifically’ without the S

Teens making loads of money off putting stupid 5 second videos online

Ruining turtles’ lives



Why do we choose to do things even when we know the result will probably be one of the least desired outcomes?

I suppose more often than not, that the kind of frowned upon option is easier. It may not be that I gravitate towards it because I’m trying to be destructive, but that it’s just less effort.

We’re programmed to take the path of least resistance, and if that means something as trivial as buying more plastic bags because you got in the car and couldn’t be bothered to run back inside to get yours… then so be it. *

I’ve not really got much of a point or anything else to say.

I think we should all just be a little more aware of the repercussions of our actions and even if it seems like the easier/more interesting/enjoyable option, the long-term effect may not be so desirable. Like an unsustainable planet, yours or someone else’s happiness or health. Whatever the variable, we should be thinking ahead a lot more when making decisions.

No, I shouldn’t eat the entire pack of party rings rather than the apple which is festering in the fruit bowl… but I will. Learned our lesson with apples though, didn’t we?

M x

*I’ll always go get the plastic bags, just FYI


Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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