Christmas Is Awesome!

It’s almost time to drive home for Christmas, at last!

The nativities are done, the kids are breaking up and you’re only a few days away from pulling your (remaining) hair out, doing the Christmas dinner.

At some point over the weekend you’ll remember Aunty Doris and the fact that you haven’t got her anything. Or God forbid, it’ll hit you that your niece is now a bloody vegan, and you forgot to cater for her – straight to Greggs for some vegan sausage rolls would be my advice.

All your mates are home and wanting to catch up, which means you’ll have to drink a few beers/prosecco’s (what a nightmare 😉), and the grandparents are called upon a bit more often for babysitting duties, but you know they secretly love it, so it’s all good, so you might as well get yourself a few tequila’s in too.

No doubt there’ll be a moment of regret at some point too, especially when you recall being at the till in Halfords a few weeks ago; they asked you if you’d like them to put little Gary’s bike together for you for an extra £15, and to save face you said “no, its alright thank you, I will do it”.

It’s now 4am on Christmas morning and you’re trying to operate a spanner after nailing the whole bottle of Santa’s Sherry, but at least you can see in the dark after a bite of Rudolf’s carrot.

You tested Luigi’s Mansion on the Nintendo Switch for hours just to make sure it worked alright, and now you’re just 2 boss’ away from completing it when you hear the absolute carnage beginning upstairs as everyone is now awake! All you’ll be thinking about for the morning is how you can get the kids to bed by 3pm (just in time for the Queen’s speech), so you can give Bowser the what for!

Dinner goes smoothly until someone puts a sprout on your plate when you’re not looking and you are a little bit sick in your mouth. Fear not, just leave it – its got no place on your plate, everyone knows it. That sprout can do one!

Time for a nap before smashing everyone at Monopoly, Cluedo, Uno and Trivial Pursuit, necking the remaining alcohol in the house, breaking the Switch as Bowser keeps defeating you, settling down to see what happened to Nessa and Smithy since we last saw them and hoping you wake up hangover free on Boxing Day.

Christmas is awesome!

Right, get that out of office on, have a quick drink at the pub with the work lot and get yourself some Chris Rea on!

Have the best Christmas, from me and everyone here at OX Seven!

Danny B

Dan Beecher

Finance & Banking Consultant

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