“Danny B, would you eat …”

In a week where we found out that someone dressed in a suit claiming to be from KFC HQ, spent a whole year rocking up to different KFC’s in a limo to get free chicken, it’s made me wonder why I never thought of this!

Maybe its because I’m a law abiding citizen, or maybe its because I just don’t love KFC that much – who am I kidding, the Colonel is my culinary hero!

My eating habits are weird to say the least and not a day goes by without someone in the office saying “Danny B, would you eat (insert random food item)?”

This conversation normally begins at lunch time, as everyone is tucking into their ready meal curry with rice, salad or their leftovers from the night before and I sit down to my packet of ready cooked meat and Grenade bar.

After I answer (usually with a “no”), its followed up with “what about (insert random food item”) and this goes on for another 12 minutes or so.

In short, I’m one of those people that see the Facebook posts with a list of foods which say “comment with the number of items you like on this list”; I’m there struggling to get into double figures whilst I see Clive scoring 47/50 and Brenda getting 48/50.

So in summary, my eating habits are weird and on that note, I’m off to buy a new suit and find a limo driver.

Dan Beecher

Finance & Banking Consultant

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