It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And this year, I’m not working in hospitality which means I have absolutely no idea what I’m supposed to fill my time with. What do you do when you don’t work Christmas Eve, Boxing Day (I know, Christmas Day off in the industry how dare I… stop it) and the entire following week? Eat, drink and be merry apparently – at least that’s what all my customers looked like they did.

I can’t back a bah humbug. Quit hollering about it only being September and GET IN THE MOOD. I’m kidding, but I’m all for an early Christmas tree. I’ve had mine up almost two weeks and let me tell you… nothing but smiles when people come over. Crowd pleaser. No humbugs allowed.

If you keep catching yourself ruining everyone’s enjoyment of this glorious season, I have a couple of pointers below on how to improve your Christmas mood.

Decorate early. The tackier the better. I mean those ones from Paperchase that are a glittery aubergine emojis or Santa riding a hot pink bedazzled motorbike. Yeah, every Instagram influencer has a 10ft snow sprayed, ribbon laced, extra-large feather filled bauble creation, but sorry everyday people like you and I haven’t got 2.3 million followers to impress. So what does it matter?

Quit your job and take the entire month of December off. Fill your time drinking baileys hot chocolate and watching Elf. I’ll be waiting at the end of the line for you in January when you need some help. 01608670533 is my direct.

Get black out drunk at your works Christmas party. Nothing screams festive cheer like binge drinking double vodka lemonades and causing a scene in front of finance. If you haven’t got one this year because you’ve already actioned the previous point, stop being so easy influenced (bet you’ve got a 10ft snow covered tree, too) and pull yourself together.

Get a puppy or get engaged. I’ve managed both over the last two years… very Christmassy of me. Also make sure to #boydidgood.

Hope this helps my festive friends. If it’s all a little overwhelming, and you can’t help but grimace when someone drops the C bomb, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is a great place to start. I find quoting it throughout the year in any given situation really sets you up for a great December. It’s in my top 3 transferable-to-everyday-life quotable movies.

M x


Go to a party, pop on a jumper with flashing lights and call it a day.


Mollie Adams

Content Marketing Manager

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