Don’t embellish!

I see numerous CVs and profiles on a daily basis where claims are made concerning career achievements.  Through conversations with candidates these claims more often than not turn out to be 100% true.  However, there are occasions when some information has been embellished, which becomes apparent in the pre-screening process.  There is a temptation to over-exaggerate skillset, experience and qualifications, but my advice is not to do this.  It will come to light at some point that you cannot support what your CV is stating, whether that be during the interview process, through reference checking, or even god forbid when you have started a job.  This can be embarrassing for all concerned and cause further issues regarding your career.

Furthermore, and this is a bugbear of mine, on job board profiles if you aren’t willing to relocate for a role then be mindful about selecting the option that you are.  Employers and recruiters will contact candidates on this basis, and in my experience those willing to actually relocate is less than 1%.  The decision to relocate for a new job is life changing and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

So, in short make the information on your CV factual.  There’s nothing wrong with selling yourself to the hilt by using an extensive vocabulary or snazzy adjectives, but only if the content is true.

You may want to take heed of the above advice or not, but just be mindful that a CV is a representation of you as a professional and if it can’t stand up to scrutiny then your professionalism will be called into question.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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