Don’t get left out in the cold

There’s a big temptation at this time of year to down tools and coast along into 2020 in a job you hate.  The little voice in your head keeps popping up saying “I’ll start looking on January 1st.  New year new me and all that.”

Word of advice though, just because we’re entering into the festive period it doesn’t mean that there aren’t great job opportunities out there, or employers going through an extremely busy period – especially if their business has seasonal variance geared towards the back end of the calendar year.

It would be prudent to get ahead of the game.  If you see an amazing role being advertised, don’t hesitate too much.  The likelihood that it will still be on the market come the new year is extremely slim, and even if it is, the probability of being able to shoehorn your way into the recruitment process for that position which has been ticking along for a month or so is even more remote.

Now there is the possibility that any position you are able to secure won’t actually start until the new year, but taking the initiative now so you’re not playing catch up can only be a good thing.  Just imagine being able to muck around in the snow over the Christmas break (if there is any) safe in the knowledge that you will be starting a new venture in your working life, rather than dreading returning to work.

So, don’t procrastinate and get left out in the cold. Be proactive and put yourself forward – even if it is to be a stand-in elf at Santa’s grotto. We’ve got a bunch of positions that could be of interest to you so get on our jobs page and start applying – unfortunately we don’t have any elf roles at the moment though.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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