Finding your voice

Finding your voice in such a saturated content filled world can be hard. Sarah did a post earlier this week about it, so I based an article on it. Exactly what I mean, nothing is a first anymore. Let’s call it inspiration for the sake of being a hypocrite.

There are people out there who post good content daily and I’m lucky if I’ve remembered my laptop when I’ve left the house.

How do people constantly come up with something new? I usually only put out one article a week (though I would like to do more) but even so, sometimes I’m holding out for something awful to happen to me the night before I write it, so I’ve got something good to go on.

All the guys in our office write useful and helpful work-related articles but all I can usually muster is unrelated mumble about other people’s eyebrows and that I’ve not tanned in 4 weeks.

I’ve realised that I have good ideas and thoughts that I want to write about when I’m about 10 minutes from falling asleep and 101 things are going through my mind. I think of something great to write about and the next morning I’ve forgotten it. I tell myself to write it down, but do I? Fuzzy duck.

Last night I had an invention I came up with – again about 10 minutes from snore city – which I forced myself to write down because it was pure genius and it will truly make me a billionaire. Forbes I’m frickin’ coming for ya. It’s the only time I’ve ever thought something up and thought the world needs it and it’s a bloody good idea.

I don’t think I’ve ever been very creative. Or maybe I am but I’m just well lazy. I’ve often imitated others through various things: clothes, hair, probably sometimes even personality. But the last thing I’d want is to copy someone else’s work or content. But with so much out there, it’s hard to be the OG.

I feel I’ve recently found my voice (lol) and enjoy writing, though still sometimes do find it difficult to not find myself regurgitating someone else’s shit. Or I just overthink, who knows.

If you’re putting stuff out there, make it true to who you are and don’t feel like you need to copy someone else because they do bits. But also, if/when questioned as to why you are imitating near on everything, don’t block the entire company so they can’t see you doing it anymore. Cookies don’t crumble like that.

But anyway, what am I supposed to do with this invention? It really will bang.


M x

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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