Formative feedback

It’s well busy and that in the recruitment industry at the moment with a whole host of individuals looking for a new challenge, not to mention the onboarding of new clients and jobs on a daily basis, as well as emails coming out of our ears.  With all this going on it is easy to get sidetracked and miss out on some steps in the recruiting process.  This is where you need to be detailed and ensure you are still providing the same high level of service to clients and candidates alike.

One key element is ensuring you give applicants feedback – positive or formative.  No doubt the easiest and most satisfying part of being a consultant is providing a candidate with positive feedback – with the ultimate one being a job offer.  However, it is just as important, and perhaps even more so sometimes, to provide a candidate with formative feedback.  This will help them understand why they weren’t successful with their application, and give them the platform to learn and grow so that they have a better chance of securing employment in the future.

Formative feedback should be as detailed as possible – a simple ‘no’ will not suffice as the candidate wants to understand why.  If a company takes the time to review and advise us why they will not be proceeding with a candidate’s application this makes the rejection more palatable, as it helps to put it in context.  People are then more likely to accept it as a learning experience, and are less inclined to develop a negative view of the job seeking process.  Additionally, this will help with the client’s ’employer branding’ as they will be renowned for investing the time and effort in their recruitment, and subsequently put them in a stronger position to attract the top talent in their sector.

In my recent working life I have received a lot of formative feedback, which has proven to be priceless in helping me develop as a consultant, so long may it continue – and as the saying goes ‘practice what you preach’!

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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