Getting shortchanged

Something which really grinds my gears is getting shortchanged.  Whether it be getting a dogshit service from a company that happily take a premium fee from your bank account each month, or being given the incorrect change when getting a newspaper from the local shop.  They both have a cost and that should then be replicated in the quality of the service delivered, or item being purchased.

True to form though, and because I’m one of those that doesn’t like to complain about stuff too much, I generally keep my mouth shut and walk away from these situations with the niggling voice echoing in my head “you should’ve said something”.  So, while we’re all making resolutions for the year ahead, one of mine is to not be satisfied with being shortchanged.  This is easier said than done, but I’m going to hold myself to it.  If the food given to me at a restaurant is a substandard version of something I could easily rustle up in my own kitchen it’s going back, if the hairdresser gives me the basin cut from hell I’m not going to just nod politely as they circle the hand mirror around my head, and if my gym membership doesn’t guarantee me losing at least half a stone by the end of the month I’m cancelling it (let’s be honest I probably will anyway).

In essence, I suppose what I’m getting at is holding people and businesses to account when they don’t deliver what they claim to.  Nobody is immune to criticism and formative feedback.  Don’t just accept being sold a crap car or holiday, and similarly don’t accept a below-par service from a recruitment agency (shameless plug).

Anyway, I’ll revisit these good intentions later on in the year to see if I’ve stayed true or if I’m just kidding myself.


Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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