Golf Society – 25th Anniversary

Today is a day I have been looking forward to for what seems like ages.

Not only is it a Friday (the best day of the week), its also my dads birthday, but the main thing I’m looking forward to today is celebrating the 25th anniversary of our golf society.

For those interested in the golf side of things, we are having a 9 hole Texas scramble at a local course, followed by a 3 course meal, speeches and a LOT of alcohol.

The society started with my dad and a few of his friends and it’s still going all this time later, with a lot of their sons playing too – which is something I love.

Members old and new, still playing and retired are all making their way for the meal, and I’m looking forward to sharing and hearing stories from over the years.

One of my favourite memories was being on the fairway and looking over at the group a few holes behind us. One of the lads was preparing to take his shot, taking his time, lining it up (as you do) and then struck the ball; it went less than 10 yards straight towards this poor little duck that was minding its own business. Luckily, it had absolutely no pace or venom in the shot when it hit the little fella; I’ve seen people hit birdies before, but never a duck … until then.

I had the honour of captaining the society about 5 years ago, and I was so proud to do so – my first speech was made so much easier by someone hitting the roof of the clubhouse and another person hitting their tee shot and it hitting the tee marker and going 18 yards backwards (there are a lot of quality golfers in our society, honest).

Anyway, enough from me – let’s hope the weather stays as it is and the Gytte Lane Golf Society have an amazing 25th anniversary.

Danny B

Dan Beecher

Rec2Rec Consultant

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