Happy Blue Monday

So today is Blue Monday so I thought I would do a nice easy to read post to cheer you up and to get some happy thoughts in your head.

I saw the new Star Wars movie on Saturday. It was frigging brilliant. Nice good over evil movie where the baddies were all dressed in black and goodies in white. Loads of British actors in it and oddly enough all the baddies were British. The fight scenes are incredible and its funny in parts, sad in others, worth going to the movies for. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan but I loved it.

Then last night Coach Cater was on the telly and I watched it again for about the 20th time! Its one of my favourite movies and I could honestly watch it over and over again. In fact if I was sent to a desert island to live for a few months and could only take one movie to watch it would be Coach Carter.

So if you were sent to live on a desert Island to live for a few months who and what would you take? So you can only take one movie, one album, one companion, one book and one essential item.

Here’s mine:

Companion – My cat Delilah

Essential item – lip balm

Movie – Coach Carter

Book – God of small things

Album – Late Registration – Kanye West

And if I had to eat the same meal every day it would be cheese on toast!

Happy Blue Monday folks



Will Grashoff

Managing Director

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