Harry’s Off

It’s only 17 days into the new decade and a lot has happened already.

Liverpool have gone unbeaten for a whole year in the Premier League, their second team knocked Everton’s first team out of the FA Cup, Trump’s been… well Trump, and we learnt that Harry shared a secret with his Nan which didn’t go down too well.

I wonder how he broke the news to her?

I like to imagine the Windsor’s playing the game where you say 2 lies and 1 truth after the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day, and Harry dropping the bombshell as his truth!

Or Harry just sending a message to the family Whatsapp group with a funny gif or the ? emoji and then turning it off for a while.

Either way, the look on everyone’s faces when he confirmed the news would make the best picture for a limited edition stamp I reckon!

Living between 3 different locations makes me wonder what a combination of Canadian, American and British would sound like? I have visions of Ross from Friends (the best character by the way), when he’s trying to phase out his fake British accent.

Anyway, enough gibberish from me for this week guys.

I’m off to London for cocktails, steak and some stand up comedy this weekend and can’t bloody wait.

Whatever you are getting up to; have a great weekend.

Danny B

Dan Beecher

Rec2Rec Consultant

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