Have you ever forgotten how to walk?

You know when you think about something in too much detail and then you suddenly forget how to do it?

Like walking down the road. How many times have you suddenly become aware of how you are walking to the point that you then have to make a conscious effort to make your legs move succinctly and stop your arms from swinging about enough that a passer-by clearly clocked it?

Or when you’re driving. I’ll often think ‘how do I know what I’m doing?’ when I’m going 60 down a straight on the way home. Issue is, when I then get to a corner and try slowing down, I’m too busy trying to remember which one the clutch is to pull it off smoothly. Legs everywhere and a resting heart rate enough to knock out a small child.

Ever used the brake with your left foot cause you’d overthought it? Don’t. It’s a shock, to say the least.

There’s me, 25 years old with a whole lot of life to live, risking it all because I’ve thought too much about whether I put the break down before the clutch, or the clutch down before the break.

Being aware of things is great. Aware of your surroundings, other people’s feelings or how smoothly your legs are walking. But at what point do you have to take a step back?

Living your life being aware of every danger will only stop you from moving forward. Yes, it’s wise to know what could happen and how your actions will influence things, but can you really think about everything so much that in the end, you don’t do it?

I overthink a hell of a lot. I wonder if I said the wrong thing. If people are staring at something I’m conscious of that day or if I should go somewhere, or was it a pity invite? A lot of that is quite personal, and if you’re in a great mindset then you’ll probably not have those thoughts, but it’s something I have daily. I’ll replay situations in my head. I’ll question what I did over and over to the point of exhaustion. It’s tiring.

Maybe you miss out on an event because you’ve over thought it. Maybe you didn’t wear the outfit you wanted to. Maybe you didn’t take a shit hot opportunity when it presented itself to you.

Lots of maybes. Could list them all day, but hey, where would that get me.

Pearl of wisdom for today: stop overthinking everything.

Walk like a normal person. Remember you know what the clutch is and if something seems too good to be true?  It doesn’t mean it is.

M x

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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