Healthy competition

A little competition doesn’t do anyone any harm. However, there’s a point where the competitive spirit can go too far, where a win at all costs attitude can take over. This can ultimately lead to bad practice, which in turn can damage your brand beyond repair.

In the world of recruitment, a world that gets loads of bad press, there are multiple reports of malpractice – some examples of which are completely unforgivable.  Like any industry though, recruitment has it’s good and bad.  If you’ve had a negative experience, then fair enough have a moan about it on LinkedIn, but it would be counterproductive in the long run to tarnish a whole sector with the same brush.

So what’s the advice?  Put simply, shop around like you would with any other purchase or investment – this is something we would advise to both clients and candidates.  Take an analytical approach to it, do your due diligence by looking at a range of recruiters and what they offer.  Questions such as the following may be worth asking; Are they a specialist in a certain sector and does that matter? Do they deal purely in perm recruitment, or temp, or a combination of both?  What is the fee structure and will you get enough bang for your buck? Higher fees don’t necessarily mean a better service and vice versa.  Surely you don’t want a half-arsed recruiter just firing a bunch of CVs at you in the hope that one of them happens to be of the right calibre.

Healthy competition helps maintain and improve standards across all industries, which is why it is so important.  As previously mentioned we would always recommend speaking to a range of recruiters across the market, just so you can realise for yourself who is in the elite bracket – we believe that’s where we reside, so look forward to speaking to you soon.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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