Highs and lows

Being a recruitment consultant has its highs and lows and the past couple of weeks this has been abundantly clear for me.  Offers made – great! Offers rejected – not great!  It’s tested my resilience and I’ve largely taken the rough with the smooth, even though at times I’ve felt like a pinata getting whacked from all sides.

I’m not asking anyone to feel sorry for me as it’s the nature of the job, and others will no doubt have to go through ups and downs in their line of work.  I’ve become accustomed to the fast-moving emotional rollercoaster and my method of handling it comes from a combination of balance and humour.  By balance I mean I do not celebrate my wins too much and equally, don’t dwell on my losses.  I’m not saying this is the right way to approach it for everyone, but it works for me.  This balance is then made even more palatable by adding an element of humour to the situation – a swear word here or there and an inappropriate joke usually does the trick.

Fortunately, I also have a great support network around me, both at work and at home, to keep me on an even keel, so to help you with the daily stresses and strains my advice would be to surround yourself with good, emotionally intelligent people.  This has helped me no end.

So, crack on, give a solid air punch for your wins and don’t let your losses weigh you down too much – after all in the grand scheme of things they usually don’t matter that much.


Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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