If all else fails, there’s always recruitment

I remember all too clearly the day I went and got my GCSE results.

I’d had a bit of a rough year, wasn’t predicted to do well at all and Mum was already mourning the loss of my future. In my head when I think back to that day, I see a little lady sat on the sofa with a black hat on, wiping her tears with her silk black gloves.

Anyway lads, know you all started panicking then, turns out I did alright. Not great, but not as bad as my devil of a French teacher said I would.

I got the envelope and went and sat on my own on the A block back staircase so nobody had to hear me cry when I realised what a colossal mess I’d made of my life. After all, that’s how you’re made to feel, right?

I got so much satisfaction walking out the common room after reading them and passing ol’ “you’re going to barely scrape a D” Miss French Teacher, for her to grimace and say well done. I’d expected it to all go tits up for me. Partir en couille, if you will.

Fail your GCSEs, you won’t be able to do A Levels, no A Levels means no University and no University means you may as well start selling your bath water now.

If only I’d have not been pushed so hard to go to University by my school. They drill in nothing but Oxbridge or top 10s to keep their standards high. But what about college? The kids who decided they wanted to go to college were mocked a bit. Only people who weren’t smart enough for A Levels did college. At least that’s how it was seen in my school.

I got the grades I needed to get into sixth form. Ours was quite competitive and highly rated, so you had to do well. I’d not applied for any college courses on the off chance I didn’t make the cut, because that would be too frowned upon in my friendship circle. They all had their plans for Uni, so I should too.

I wish there was someone at that school giving alternatives. Explaining that doing Beauty at College wasn’t for people who couldn’t pass their English. Or that bricklaying will, in the long run, make you a good wage.

I’m not even sure I knew what an apprenticeship was.

But never mind, I’m alright now, the stress of it all, however, isn’t something we (mostly schools) should take lightly. There are so many things out there for them. Uni isn’t the answer to everything.

Who knew you could be a Recruitment Consultant, earn the big bucks and do it anywhere in the world?! Not me.

I mean, I won’t be doing that, but there is always an alternative option. We shouldn’t be pushing the youts to do things they don’t want to do. Let the youts be youts.

You can work for somewhere just as reputable who sees the value in more than a number/letter (who knows how things are marked now) on a piece of paper. Or you can just lie, nobody asks for you to prove the grades on your CV, anyway.*

M x


*kidding don’t lie

Mollie Adams

Head of Content

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