If you won the lottery

If you won the lottery, what would you spend it on?

A question that comes up every few months in offices and pubs all around the country, when there’s a triple rollover on the EuroMillions and now has a jackpot of £89m – because lets face it, winning £10m just isn’t enough!

I actually had 5 numbers on the lottery once but unfortunately for me, 44 other people also had 5 numbers that week. So I won enough to buy myself a new pair of trainers and a few weekends out in a row.

Unlike the big winners, I was not asked whether I would like to go public or not?  I saw a story yesterday where a guy clearly didn’t want any of his friends or family to know he’d won the jackpot, so wore a scream mask to collect his $158m cheque!

If I won mega bucks, would I tell people – I honestly don’t know.

Would I go to the extent that A Campbell went to in order to hide my identity, probably not!

What I do know is I’d definitely fill the pick n mix to the brim in the cinema, without having the worry of how much its going to weigh as I put that extra cola bottle in!

I’ve asked some of the guys in the office what their first purchase would be if they won the lottery, which range from Steph buying a house abroad, to Dom buying OX Seven so that we’d all work for him!

What would be the first thing you buy?

Danny B

Dan Beecher

Rec2Rec Consultant

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