I’m 1 and that!

Amazingly I’ve managed to make it through my first year in the recruitment industry.  It’s been a baptism of fire to say the least.  I’ve had some low lows – like the pain of having a candidate being offered only to pull out at the last minute, or the elongated process of trying to get a new client on board.  The highs of the job though, and in particular working at OX Seven, have smashed those lows out of the park.  Speaking to such a wide range of people, placing a candidate in a role that has changed their life for the better, and testimonials from clients are notable highlights that I’m particularly proud of.  Plus being located in the heart of the Cotswolds in beautiful surroundings has been an added bonus.

Recruitment isn’t for everyone, but for me it seems to be (touch wood) the right fit.  Coming on board at a startup with no prior experience as a recruiter was a huge risk compared to my previous working life where I rarely took a gamble on my career.  Although redundancy forced my hand, it certainly turned out to be a blessing in disguise and I am extremely grateful for this – without that push, I would still be doing a mundane 9 till 5 office job.

I’ve seen our office grow as new people have joined the team.  Each individual has brought with them a unique personality which has contributed to a diverse, knowledgable and fun environment.  I literally couldn’t have wished for it to have panned out better in that regard – the boss is alright as well.

So, although I don’t know what the future holds, I can say with confidence that I am glad to have chosen recruitment as a career path and hopefully it is a path that will continue for some time to come.


Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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