I’m fine

Life has a funny way of working out sometimes and it can feel on occasion like you are being kicked when you are down.

So many people (myself included) try to put a brave face on, fake a smile and pretend that everything is fine when really it isn’t. Keeping it together can sometimes feel like the best option, being perceived as weak can seem like you are being defeated.

But why do we feel that it is best to upkeep a façade rather than tell the truth?

Sometimes lying is easier both for the person saying it and the person who is about to hear it. but whilst it can be tempting to put on your best Ross voice and pretend everything is fine and dandy when, it isn’t, pretending is not the best solution in the long or short term.

Let’s be honest, sharing a problem rarely solves it, but it does make it feel a-damn-sight lighter. It is all well and good maintained a mask that everything is okay but at some point, no matter how strong you are as person that mask will slip at some point and that problem/issue you are trying to keep inside will keep building and building.

Now I’m not suggesting that you shout your problems from the rooftops, but I would strongly recommend speaking to someone, whether it be a colleague, your significant other or a friend.

Everyone has shit going on in their life and we all encounter bad days, weeks, months even years. For anyone going through a bad time, don’t keep it all in, you are not any weaker for talking about it.

Ainsley Anstess

IT & Cybersecurity Consultant

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