Is it worth it? Let me work it

This year has been a real flip in my life. I reckon I ticked all the ‘big life changes’ within a week (minus having a kid, let’s not get ahead of ourselves or we will give my poor mum a heart attack).

On Monday the 25th June I moved all our stuff 3 hours away with my boyfriend to our new home, Friday we returned and Saturday morning we got married. Sunday night we drove back again, then Monday morning I started a new job in a different industry. Hardly had time to watch Police Interceptors once.

I wasn’t phased at all by the whole thing, but I know for most people, even going through one of those things is a huge deal. We booked the wedding 6 weeks before it happened, we were accepted on our house 2 weeks after that and I was offered this job somewhere in between. I think it was more of a “pull yourself together Mollie, you’ve still got 7 cups on your bedside table in your room at your mums, you haven’t got time to be nervous just go do something about it quickly” kind of thing.

Changing your life that quickly is a shock. You get so used to the same things day in and day out, comfortable in your routines and often have no real motivation to do anything new. If it works, why would you? I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Recruitment never crossed my mind, and it wasn’t until I saw Wills advert that I thought I’d ever end up in an office environment. Stuffy and gross. Not today Satan.

It’s been the most progressive year of my life, but without that push I’d never have changed anything. I’m married (still can’t say it out loud), I’m earning better money , I have a home I’m proud of and this years Christmas bauble collection is absolutely not a joke.

What’s holding you back? Chances are it’s only yourself. You’re comfortable where you are and that’s alright. Change isn’t always welcomed, but it can be really bloody good.

A wise man once said “ch ch ch ch changes, turn and face the strange, ch ch changes”. Face it. Fear it. Embrace it. Ignore it. Put your thing down flip it and reverse it. Do whatever you want with it. Just don’t regret it *sassy hand out to the side emoji girl*.

M x


To put the featured image into context and if you want a laugh, I’m typing this draft on my emails in a bubble bath looking all Rev Run words of wisdom. I did a weird throaty laugh to myself when I had the realisation, and professionally I probably shouldn’t share this, but I’ve typed it now and it’s harder to hold down the return button on an iPhone keypad and stop it exactly where you want than it is to just see it through. We’re all friends here.


Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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