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During your younger years, you’re taught right from wrong, how to act in social situations and not to touch an iron with your hand even if it looks like it isn’t hot. Because sometimes looks can be deceiving. Like those fake chewing gum packets that you’d have which would snap your finger when you tried to get a bit out.

“Don’t run before you can walk”. That’s something you hear an awful lot when you’re growing up. Well, you did if you were me.

I don’t necessarily think how you are when you’re younger plays much into how you are as an ‘adult’. I say it like that because I’m not sure when you become an actual adult. I’m 25, when I was little I’d have said I’d been an adult for a good few years by now, but the older I get the further I push the adult barriers back.

I remember being in Year 6 History and we were all working out what year we would turn 18. It seemed like bloody forever away, now it’s been 7 years since then and I’ve got no clue what happened.

Speaking of Year 6 History… Mrs Luke, what a woman. She also owned the corner shop on the estate too. So when me and Lauren would go on a Saturday to get a magazine and some sweets with our £2 she’d chuck in something for free – imagine getting Smash Hits, a heap of sweets and a cherryade Panda Pop for £2 in 2019?!

I did a post on LinkedIn yesterday about a bit of a cockup that I had at work. That was a prime example of doing something without reeeeaally reading the message beforehand and just clicking yes. I didn’t think it’d go the way it did (obviously, or I wouldn’t have done it) but hey, there’s no use crying over spilt milk. Another thing you learn when you’re little.

Sort out the problem and move on. Or, don’t touch things you’re not fully trained on and y’know, learn to walk first. Or go to uni and learn it.

I never wanted to go to uni, and when I told mum I was leaving college and going to work full time she said “you can start paying rent then” because she thought it’d put me off. I said yeah alright and never went back. Don’t think I told any of the teachers either, I just didn’t go back in again. Odd.

Now I’m constantly having to send her screenshots of good things I’ve done so she doesn’t think I’m a total failure.

Either way, if things aren’t going right and you haven’t got it in you to tell anyone, take it back to being 10, feign ignorance and act like you’ve not done anything.

M x

Mollie Adams

Content Marketing Manager

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