It’s a no from me

As recruiters, the hardest thing we have to do is to tell to a candidate that they have been unsuccessful in a role. It hurts like hell.

There is just no easy way of doing it. Today I googled “standard rejection letters” for some inspiration.

And just like the words of Paul Simon “50 ways to leave your lover” there are at least 50 ways to tell a candidate its a no. And every time you have to do it, you feel like shit each and every time.

You feel like you haven’t done enough to prepare them for the interview, worst of all that you’ve let them down.

Most of the candidates are cool with it or at least ok. Or they say they are “I’m fine, really, it’s fine” but you know rejection hurts, for us all.

You can talk to them, email confirmation, job description and client details, advise on appearance, how to dress and then call ahead of their interview to answer any last minutes questions or concerns.

But still candidates go to the wrong location, are late, don’t follow the dress code or turn up looking a bit wind swept, know nothing about the job role or company or ask for more money on interview AAARRRGH!

Most of the time Recruitment is the best job in the world but sometimes it sucks. But at least its never frigging boring.

Onwards and Upwards or as my Boss would say “tomorrow is another day Ronnie”.   Thanks Will I say.

Will Grashoff

Managing Director

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