It’s always good to talk

Talking about stuff really helps. A problem shared is a problem halved and all that. Talking is a big part in building and keeping relationships. It is vital for strong mental health also. Talking about your feelings isn’t a sign of weakness, look at it as taking charge of your well being and doing what you can to stay healthy.

If you are worried about something it can turn over and over in your mind, keep you awake at night and might just get bigger. By talking to someone about this it will help. Talk to a friend or a colleague, they may be able to help you to see things differently. Whatever you need to do, don’t carry things around in our head that are bothering you, let it go. Have a chat with someone about it.

For men, going out with their mates is important for mental health. A study by Oxford university states that men who maintain social groups are less likely to suffer from depression and are even able to recover from illnesses quicker. The research says that men need to go out for a drink with their mates at least twice a week to reap the benefits of male friendship. These benefits include a stronger immune system, the release of endorphins, an overall decrease in anxiety levels and higher levels of generosity!

My husband and a load of other blokes from out village just go to the local pub, stand around the bar and let off steam about work, their wives,the footy and generally just get stuff of their chest. Man time is down time and is as good as therapy for some blokes.

It always amazes me when I talk to candidates and 6 months down the line they have still not had a one-to one with their line manager. Shocking really, how do you know what makes your staff tick? If they are okay and if they are coping with their workload, work mates and life in general. I always notice the companies with a high turnovers of staff and a lot of the time, its because they are not managing their team members properly in a way of one to ones, team meetings, appraisals etc. Your staff are your greatest assets so look after them. Successful companies have happy people. People perform better when they have good relationships with their Managers and the people who they work with. Reward and recognition are so important but talking to your staff and your customers shows that you care.

Sometimes its just good just to get things off your chest, or to ask for advice or for  some else’s opinion,  don’t suffer in silence. Talking is good for you. We all feel overwhelmed at times and think that we cannot cope but talking about stuff before it becomes a bigger issue can really help solve this. Pick up the phone, knock on a door, ask for help and advice.

If this doesn’t help talk to a professional, a counsellor or a therapist. Talking therapy is an actual thing and some are available on the NHS like CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) I learnt all about this weekend on my course and its a great way of helping people with anxiety and depression. Or for anyone who is going through a bad time or has emotional problems they need help with. Sometimes its easier to talk to a stranger than friends and family.

Having a healthy mind is important. Talking about your feelings can help you stay in good mental health.  So off load, spill the beans, have a chat. Its always good to talk.


Veronica Winter

Health & Wellness Consultant

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