Jackson’s Christmas Sign Off

What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

Everyone has their stand out Xmas memories and I have a couple that jumps to mind when I think about Christmas.

Not to make things too melancholy, I will write them out like a shit sandwich – so it doesn’t start or end with anything sad.


Going on a village pub crawl on Christmas Eve with some family. On the walk home my older brother and I run off to the park to play on the swings and run around the football pitch. Everyone else left us and walked home.

Covered in Mud from falling over multiple times on the wet grass and in our ‘gazebo-ed’ state, we saw them walking off as a challenge to race them home and legged it the long way back. Which, if you have ever had the pleasure of running whilst drunk, you know it is hilarious!

We beat them back, but – dilemma! We didn’t have a key! So we had to break into my dad’s house… still to this day, I am not 100% sure how we broke in, but we made it… Muddy and Victorious!

Oh, and this was the year we played beer pong with my 80-year-old gran. She lost the round and downed a shot of schnapps…

It must run in the family.


My first Christmas without my mum. There was no home-cooked dinner, none of the amazing stuffing that she made with the best roast potatoes.  My brother was away in the US, so it was just me and my dad.


Going to the Crazy bear with my new, blended family. Having so much fun that people were asking to join our table. Asking for prosecco and Lobster bisque (which I found out very quickly is horrible!) whilst wearing fake mustache’s.

Getting a taxi to my aunties and continuing to play drinking and card games and dance the night away to classic tunes.

And waking up and knowing that you are going to see the people you love on this day… That is a happy day.


Not every Christmas is the best. It’s always a mixed bag for most years anyway.

Spend your Christmas with the best people you know and have some fun!


Oh and get some mustaches for the day, it does make you laugh.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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