Just be you

If there’s one thing I’d tell my younger self given the chance it would be ‘don’t be afraid to be yourself’. Too many times I followed the crowd, especially when it came to music.  I used to make out that I loved rave to fit in, when in actual fact once I got home and barricaded myself into the confines of my bedroom I’d whack on Nirvana, Radiohead and The Doors – you know all the cheery stuff.  As I’ve matured in my years I’ve become unapologetic about my musical tastes and that’s the way it should be – if you like it then so what if the next person disagrees with it or turns their nose up.

I’m a firm believer that difference should be celebrated both socially and professionally. The diversity I see in Britain today makes the country far more interesting in my opinion – even though there has been a backlash recently with an increase in extremist views following one of the most polarising votes in our country’s history – for me there is no room for such vitriol in a supposed civilised society.

From a work perspective, a variety of minds and personalities can be a very positive attribute.  I look round our office at the range of ages and cultural backgrounds and feel privileged to work in such an environment.  I’m fascinated by people’s backstories and ancestry and how their journey has led them to their current situation.

We believe we have a point of difference at OX Seven in the way we approach recruitment that sets us aside from most other recruiters.  Each consultant has their own personality and specialism which reinforces this ethos.

So be yourself, it won’t be for everyone but you’ll find that you’re much happier when you don’t have to put on a front.


Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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