Just finish it!

Finishing stuff – sounds simple right but I think we all have difficulty finishing things from time to time.  Mine at the moment is trying to complete watching a film – I’ve tried watching the second Fantastic Beasts movie about 10 times and I’m still only half-way through.  I’ve got valid excuses though (I think) – falling asleep mostly and other things scuppering my plans like kids and Netflix documentaries.

No doubt you will have had times in the past where you have fully intended to finish something and it hasn’t quite happened – work assignments, DIY projects and the leftover birthday cake spring to mind.  Some are happy to just let things go – others need a sense of closure no matter the size of the task.

I’ve never understood people who leave the cinema 20 minutes into a film – sure it may be a terrible start to the supposed blockbuster of the century, but surely you need to see it through till the end so you can then have a well-rounded and informed opinion.

Let’s face it Brexit is a shit storm that refuses to move on, but there has to be an end to it right (please tell me this is true).  Then at least we’ll be able to know where we all stand and can hopefully have a more certain future.

Recruitment has numerous cycles happening at any one time and it can be extremely frustrating for all parties involved when there doesn’s seem to be a finishing point; pre-screening, interviews, offers and acceptances, or rejections, all play into this, so being patient is an absolute must if you’re going to make it through the other side intact.

Anyway, I’m going to finish this piece now and move on to the next task at hand which fortunately for me is my favourite past-time – eating.




Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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