Just not acceptable

Absolutely shocking to hear the news that a young mum has been banned from entering the Miss World contest and stripped of her Miss Ukraine title because she has a son.

This is the 21st century after all and surely discrimination at that level is not acceptable? The rules of the competition ban anyone from taking part in the Miss World contest if they have  children. Why?

Being a parent is just amazing, like a small miracle has happened and as a dog owner you feel that you cannot love anything more (except your partner) than your pooch but when you have a baby, your dog becomes just your dog and no longer the love of your life.

It can also be incredibly hard work. Surely being a mum you would have way more skills than other contestants?

In 2014, the director of the Miss England competition, Angie Beasley, said it would be tough for winners to split their attention between the role and being a mum.

“It is both unfair on the child and her family to take the mother away from home for the year whilst she travels the globe helping charity causes for children,” she said in a statement to ITV.

What a lame excuse. And again a very discriminatory statement to make. Fathers are just as good as looking after their children.

So many mothers work in professions that includes travelling and who do not abandon their families to do this. What an antiquated way of thinking?

Good for Veronika Didusenko for standing up against the Miss World organisers and for  launching a legal bid claiming that they are in breach of the Equalities Act 2010.

She says “I felt so bad because it’s not just my story, it’s the story of thousands of women around the world who maybe want to take part but who don’t have the possibility to enter because they are mothers.”

Good luck Veronika!

Personally I dislike beauty pageants especially the kind with children wearing enough make up to do a drag queen proud. And glittery outfits, heels and enough hair spray to kill a fly. Yeeewww just horrid!

Watch the clip blow to see a contestant in the Miss Universe contest actually enjoying herself. Zoey Ivory you are a breath of fresh air. Enjoy.



Will Grashoff

Managing Director

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