Just say thanks

‘Thank you’ – a small phrase but one that can be loaded with feeling from both those verbalising it and the recipient.  All too often I see daily courtesies from members of the public towards others that go unrecognised.  My personal pet peeve is when people don’t acknowledge you when you’ve let their vehicle through because there’s not enough road space – all it takes is a hand gesture or nod of the head.  Or when you hold the door open for someone and they don’t thank you – infuriating!


Politeness in my book is fundamental in everyday life and in the workplace is a of paramount importance when building and maintaining relationships.  Therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m not fond of aggressive sales tactics, where the prospective customer is almost bullied into a purchase.  Not only will that customer likely regret that purchase in the immediate, the long term relationship between seller and potential buyer will be pretty much dead in the water.  Particularly in recruitment, our aim is to strike up partnerships with clients that will stand the test of time rather than trying to bag a quick win and ride off into the sunset.


Don’t get me wrong this does not mean there isn’t room for debate and even argument within a business environment, as long as it is done with an air of respect and both parties finish the discussion with a mutual understanding on next steps.  For me the days of barking orders, put-downs and ruling with an iron fist should be fading away and a lighter touch is employed where understanding, empathy and emotional intelligence play a huge part.


Common courtesy and a few words or gesture of acknowledgement can sometimes have a bigger impact than expected, so why not just do the decent thing and give a thanks when it’s due.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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