Keep the faith

Finding, applying for, and securing a job, can sometimes be a lengthy and frustrating process.  Self-doubt and a lack of confidence can creep in at any time and make you feel like you’re wading through treacle.  This is why it is important that you ‘keep the faith’.  By this I don’t mean praying to a god or deity, I mean doing the right things enough so the result will eventually take care of itself.

A perfect example of this came when I bumped into a former colleague from my old workplace.  We had both been made redundant, and from previous conversations with her, I knew she was extremely worried about finding a new job.  She had been at the company for about 15 years and had subsequently become accustomed to her surroundings – she was in the ‘comfort zone’.  When the prospect of not having a secure role and regular wage presented itself this weighed heavily on her mind.  So it really lifted my spirits when she told me that she had found a position and was now working with a great bunch of people and really enjoying herself.

Did she have a secret recipe for success?  No – it simply came down to her selecting places she would like to work, where she believed her skill set could add value, and then sending them her CV with an attached cover letter (I am a great believer that a cover letter can really boost your chances of getting an interview by the way).  There was a bit of a waiting game but sure enough offers for interviews came rolling in.

Bottom line is we all have an attribute or skill, no matter how grandiose or insignificant it seems, that can add value to a company or institution.  So maintain that professional persistence, boost your profile and get yourself out there into the job market.  If you do this rest assured that ‘keeping the faith’ will pay off in the end.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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