With Brexit on the horizon, and recent news stories about our current Prime Minister, it got me thinking about leadership and what ideally it should look like.  There is certainly scope to say different people want different things from a leader, but I believe that there are certain fundamentals that should be exuded by any figurehead.

So let’s measure good old Boris against some key attributes that I think any leader worth their salt should have in abundance:

– Honesty and integrity – cough, cough, cough…… I don’t really need to go into detail on this

– An inspiration to others – certainly some follow his lead so let’s give him some credit there

– Commitment and passion – he seems pretty robust and passionate, but is it executed in the right manner?

– A good communicator – errrrrr……errrrrr….. he kind of finds it difficult to get his point across clearly

– Accountability – ‘passing the buck’ is a phrase that springs to mind in this instance

If I were to give him a grade based on the criteria above I would probably give him a C-, which to my mind isn’t good enough for someone who is supposed to be leading us through one of the country’s most significant transitions in our history – especially in modern times.

Now, I’m not saying there is one personality type that makes an effective leader, some are stoical, while others are more emotive, wearing their heart on their sleeve.  Our boss at OX Seven tends to be the latter, and it certainly works for us – don’t worry I’m not suggesting we put him in Downing Street – god forbid.

In business and many other situations, I always look to someone who is a safe pair of hands, someone who can build rapport, get people on side and take calculated risks if the need arises.  I fear this is not the case with the captain Britain currently has at the helm, but I’m more than happy to be proven wrong for the good of our short and long term futures.

Let’s wait and see.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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