Life as we know it no longer exists

In a blink of an eye everything can change.

In life, nothing is permanent, we know that. We have to adapt and modify and roll with the changes they say, but in reality, we are creatures of habit, so it’s gonna be tough, with no gym, no pub, no football, no restaurants.

Everyone is self isolating and everywhere will be on lockdown soon. The world’s two biggest music festival Glastonbury and Coachella have been cancelled and travel for the moment is banned. How bad is that?

Businesses are closing every day and in the world of recruitment, pipelines are disappearing faster than loo roll. 5 days working from home and already fed up and bored. Cabin fever is setting in. Not quite Jonny from the Shining yet but there’s still time. Even the cats are getting on my nerves.

But lets not forget, this is a small price to pay, to sacrifice our lifestyles to save the lives of others.

And because of the no touching, a handshake has been replaced by elbows or a toe tap and world leaders are adopting “Namaste” as the new greeting. Even Trump used it the other day.  Namaste actually means “The divine in me honours and blesses the divine in you” No divine in the US president, that’s for sure.

Yogis believe that at any moment your life can change forever. Yogis practise non attachment, which means you must be willing to change anything and everything in your life, in order to be truly free.

To stay safe and boost our immunity, we are told to eat well, drink water, exercise and get some fresh air. Shouldn’t we be doing this anyway? Lots of acts of kindness are happening as we speak and again we should be doing this anyway.

Let’s hope this is over soon and when it is, we need to learn from this. How to be kinder, more considerate, to look after ourselves more and to be more careful with the way we spend. Not to take the simple things in life for granted, our friends, our families and our jobs. To appreciate everything we have and be grateful that we are alive and well.

Stay safe people


Will Grashoff

Managing Director

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