Living your values

‘Company values’ is a term we hear in the recruitment game on a daily basis.  Each business believes they have the perfect code of ethics that their employees stick to like glue, but do they?  Ask an unsuspecting member of staff what the core values of their company are and they will probably reel off one or two cliched examples before turning red-faced and clamming up.

On many a client visit I’ve seen token decor, usually in the form of tattered posters adorning a cluttered notice board, trying to convey a sense of unified morality.  Therefore what a welcomed surprise it was when myself and the MD went to a site visit last week and the client’s company values were actually printed onto the walls of the office.  For me this was tangible evidence that they truly believed in the words and were not just using them as a nod to the modern day corporate world.  The language used was personable and unique to them and this was echoed in their staff’s attitude and application.

So just as a thought for the week – “Does your company truly live its values?”

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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