Mental health and me

Mental health isn’t something I’ve really touched on before awareness week.

Mainly because I don’t think I know enough, nor would I consider anything I say to be advice to give my two cents. I know what works for me and I suppose that really, how do you know what works for you until you’ve tried?

Hearing other people’s struggles or issues does however (on occasion) makes you feel a little less ‘on your own’, so to say.

Like when I’m feeling crap about myself or I’ve been speaking to my friend Helen about not feeling my best, we will send each other those pictures on Instagram where people put the non-photoshopped image of the celebrity next to the photo they posted and it makes me feel a bit better.

I feel like along with #ad, #spon or #gifted there should be a #editedtheshitoutofthis #sixinchsmallerwaist #notjustavalencia obligation for so called influencers and companies to put out there. Because some of them are absolutely nuts.

I digress, that can be for another time.

Personally, I have got away somewhat ‘lightly’ with mental health problems. I don’t struggle a huge amount and nowhere near as much as some people. That being said, I know everything is relative and just because you’ve got a broken finger and the person next to you has a broken arm – doesn’t make your finger less painful or worthy of attention.

I say I know what works for me, but to be honest, I’m not sure I do. I find it really difficult to get out of the mindset I’m in when I’m struggling. I get panic attacks… not so often that it has an impact on my day to day life, but they can cause me a lot of bother.

I don’t necessarily have any triggers I know to stay away from, usually arguments and sudden changes will send me all a bit off-kilter, but I suppose you can’t ever be too sure how you’re going to be when you wake up. Which for some people is a daily concern.

I will have an overarching, mega heavy feeling of needing to just burst into tears and I’ll struggle to breathe. I’m not sad, I haven’t had anything really awful happen to me or any bad news, but sometimes I can’t speak because I’m putting everything I have into focusing on not going into a mad panic.

They can last anything from 15 minutes to my longest of 5 days.

Everyone has mental health struggles in one degree or another.

You will never be alone in how you’re feeling.

Somebody else is feeling it at that exact time or has felt it in the past.

It doesn’t at all take away from the difficulty of your situation, but it should provide some comfort in knowing it’s possible to get through it. People have got through it before and people will get through it after – and so can you. You’ll eventually learn to control and manage. You don’t need to get rid of it entirely, but you can live an incredibly fulfilling and happy life.

The more people share with others their struggles and concerns, the more people will realise it’s not just them. You’ll always feel like the only person in the world facing that problem – but there are so many people who can relate and most importantly, who can help.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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