Mental Health Matters

According to Mind at least one in six workers experience mental health problems including anxiety and depression. Mental health is so different to physical health, there is no magical cure that will magically heal someone. Mental health is so much complex than having a bad day, a bad week or a bad month – no matter what some people may say – and it is not as simple as simply getting on with it or putting a brave face on. If someone you know is struggling talk to them and more perhaps even more importantly listen to them. No maybe it won’t solve every problem, but it may just make a crappy day seem a little less crappy.

So how can employers help?

Show that you care…

It is sad that this point even needs to be said, but care about your employees. Encourage an environment where employees can speak comfortably and freely about their mental health without fear of judgement and stigmatisation. Try and implement a working environment that allows people to work to their best ability whilst also maintaining their mental health. I am not saying that employers can do everything, but by talking and listening to employees they do have the ability to further remove the stigma that in some workplaces remains around mental health.

Make changes…

Now obviously this is very role and employee specific. But making reasonable adjustments to an employees working environment can have a massive impact on mental health. Flexible working (and by this, I mean genuinely flexible), working from home and increased support for employees who are struggling with their mental health.


It is all well and good having a procedure for mental health or having a poster for Mind in the office kitchen. But what is more crucial is having a genuine positive environment where employees in your organisation can talk freely and as openly as they feel comfortable about their mental health.

Mental health can often be perceived as something that you just get over, but this is simply not the case. We have a horrible habit in the UK of being very British about health issues and brushing things under the metaphorical carpet. But things are starting to change and thankfully more and more workforces are placing an emphasis on the mental health of employees.

Inbox is always open for anyone that is struggling.

Happy Monday everyone.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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