It can be difficult to find motivation at times. Take yesterday evening for example, my other half had just come back from doing some exercise and I had been in the mindset all day that I’d go for a run. However, it was a bit late and I was comfortable lying on the couch watching some substandard football match.

After a quick pep talk, there was probably a reference to being a ‘lazy bastard’ in there somewhere, I hauled myself off the sofa, got kitted out, stuck in my headphones and cranked up ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

Being over-eager and starting off way too fast I quickly realised I’m not Mo Farah and burnt out after 5km.  However, the important thing is that I had the motivation to do some exercise and felt better for it (well after about 20 minutes of getting my breath back).

The above is also true of other situations in day to day life.  Finding the motivation to get up everyday for work, and similarly when you get in finding the motivation to do your job to the best of your ability rather than coasting. This is when you have to try and be at your most positive by being proactive and not procrastinating.  Yes – there’s always tomorrow but why put off till tomorrow what you can do today (I think that works).  Obviously, I’m not saying that you should work yourself into submission and there is always a healthy balance to be struck, but if you are honest with yourself and there is the time then why not apply yourself.

With it being Mental Health Awareness week positivity is something we can all project on to others.  So instead of being hyper-critical why not try and motivate and lead by example, that in my experience is how you get the best out of people.

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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